Old West Models

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A note of thanks to:

They have given me permission to use their signs on on my old west models.  So look for them on future releases.


Stagecoach with 6 hores hitch (Note: these are separate items)

Stagecoach driver and Shotgun guard are available for use with the Stagecoach

Conestoga Wagon and Percheron Draft Horse (Note: these are separate items)

Set of Texas Longhorn Cattle, there are 4 versions including a calf

Cowboy mounted on his horse

Chuck Wagon Camp which includes a chuckwagon, animated fire and tent (The cook is sleeping on the job-see his boots hanging out of the tent)

Old West Chuckwagon with camp cook driving

Old West Saloon

Old West Hotel

Old West Doctor's Buggy

Old West Church

Old West Blacksmith Shop

Old West General Store

Old West Gallows

Old West Teepee (this model has smoke venting out the top)

This model has closed smoke flaps and no smoke

Replica of Judge Roy Bean's Office

Old West Bath House

Old West Generic Building1

Old West Bank

Old West Buckboard Wagon

Old West Outhouse Somebody forgot to latch the door and its a blown' in the wind

Old West Telgraph Pole This is a spline object and comes in 2 version, one that is height adjustable, and the other a regular spline object.

Old West 2 Telegraph Pole. This is a second version of the telegraph pole that has a much ligher texture. It comes in 2 versions as well.

Animated Loggers. This pack contains 4 models which are animated old time loggers. Three swing axes and one model is 2 characters working a band saw

Campfire and Tent Note: these are seperate items